BABY BUMPIN' // A maternity style series, SOVANNY VU - AUSTRALIA
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Name: Sovanny  Location: Australia  # of babes: one and one on the way  Styling: LB’s Crossover Maternity Top

At 6 months pregnant, it has become extremely important for me to be comfortable in everything I wear and this cross over top slides right into that category. I will most likely be wearing it every single day because I love it so much. Once more, given it’s colour, the top becomes that extra versatile so you could wear it with just about everything. Layering is great no matter the season, because it allows us maximise wear and transform our wardrobe pieces. In this case, I’ve layered the top over a waterfall dress, added in a few accessories and paired it with comfortable slip on boots. We all now how hard it is to lean over and put your shoes on at this stage of the pregnancy, right?





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Baby Bumpin’ is a maternity style series featuring modern mamas around the globe, their unique style, and our Crossover maternity top.

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