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JJJName: Amy Guzzi  Age: 35  Location: NYC  # of babes: 1  Styling: LB’s Interlock Protector.Lover.Mother Vneck


How would you best describe your style?

I would say my style is feminine with an edge. I grew up in the 90s and was really into the grunge scene so I am thrilled that overalls, flannels, Dr Martens and Vans are back in style because that is what I identified with the most when I was younger. Now that I am older, my style has become more bohemian and I like to feel more feminine. I love wearing something floral and then contrasting it with ripped jeans, a floppy hat and a bootie.

Fashion icons?

I would say Isabel Marant. Her clothes are expensive so I was thrilled when she did a line for H&M. She is so parisian chic and she has turned the whole bohemian look into something that is high fashion. I love when a designer can do that.


Brigitte Bardot or Kate Moss?

Kate Moss. When I was in high school, every girl wanted to emulate Kate Mossl. She dated all the heartthrobs from the 90’s, such as Leonard DiCaprio and Johnny Depp. My favorite look of hers is all black with a leopard coat. She rocks that a lot.

What made you choose the LB piece your currently styling?

I decided to choose a look that reflected the 90s because as I said before, that was the era I grew up in and identified with. I chose my leopard boots because I think leopard can make any outfit amazing!



Top 2 picks from LB’s BLK&WHT collection?

I love all the Protector Lover Mother apparel. The meaning is just prefect. I had to have this tshirt and then I bought the Milk Love tshirt for my little guy because he loves his milk.

A few ways you keep yourself feeling good as a mama?

I try to exercise as much as I can because it is a good release for me. I also don’t put too much pressure on myself as a mother. Breastfeeding, no breastfeeding, TV or no TV, sugar or no sugar, I try not to get wrapped up in all of it. I do what is best for me as a mother and our family. I think motherhood is hard enough without all the additional pressure.


What are some things that inspire you when putting together a days look?

Since we live in NYC and walk everywhere, I try to always be comfortable. So I try to find fun sneakers, such as my leopard vans or low heeled booties and then I work an outfit around that. I also love to wear red lipstick and I truly believe it can make any outfit. I am not afraid to show up at the playground rocking red lips.

Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to still be stylish?

I don’t think anyone ever looks stylish without confidence. Wear what makes you happy, wear what you feel comfortable in but most importantly, whatever you do wear, wear it with confidence.


Want to check out more of Amy? visit her at


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