BABY BUMPIN' // A maternity style series, CARINA DELUCA - SPAIN
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Name: Carina  Location: Spain  # of babes: one and one on the way!  Styling: LB Crossover Maternity Top

I have had a really hard time dressing up the bump and feeling like myself and being true to my style. This pregnancy I decided not to shop for any maternity clothing because most of them are, just not me. All of my pregnancy outfits are comfort and I try to spice it up a bit with accessories or red lips to hide my tired pregnant face 😉 This LB crossover tee really surprised me. It´s super soft and has the perfect fit but what I love most about it is its faux leather trim. You can take it from a very casual look to a dressed up one. Since I received it, I´ve been wearing this tee non-stop on repeat! Yeah, it is that good! 


Want to check out more of Carina? visit her on Instagram

Baby Bumpin’ is a maternity style series featuring modern mamas around the globe, their unique style, and our Crossover maternity top.

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