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6LOOK #6 || STYLING: Double Vision Protector.Lover.Mother Vneck || Happy Winter…?! My thoughts on this recent snow/ice/dreary weather are BLAH. So to cure these winter blues, I decided to turn the heat up and play inside as if it were spring! So here is a glimpse inside my little apartment (and a glimpse of my handsome cat who had to get in on the action…as usual). Not that us moms have the luxury to read a book or walk around in a kimono without the sleeves being caught on EVERY DOORKNOB everyday (or any day) but let’s just say I played dress up for a day 😉

I paired my Double Vision tee with my favorite pajama shorts and a kimono. I like to pair patterns together, but the trick is pairing a large pattern with a small pattern to balance it. I feel like this is what the TV version of me will wear, you know, when they make a series about me and how ditsy and ridiculous I am…and sometimes make my daughter a grilled cheese sandwich with the plastic left on the cheese (true story). Or when I’m hiking in Illinois and proudly and loudly announce to my boyfriend that we are at the tallest point in Missouri (also true story). And yes, the TV version of me would lay around with all of my jewelry on as well…because well, that is ridiculous and so am I… 🙂



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Six Ways is a monthly style challenge where contributors take their favorite piece from the current collection and style it six different ways over the span of the A|W or S|S season.

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