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Name: Madilyn & Wyatt  Location: Georgia  Styling: LB’s Broken Record Tank, Modern Kid tank and Modern Kid Mantra tee
Madilyn (10) and Wyatt (5) are the two youngest kids in the family, and they are both full of confidence and personality. They love a good mixture of patterns, textures and colors. This duo is definitely not afraid of standing out!
Madilyn is the perfect combination of girly and tomboy. My little southern blonde is a softball playing gal who loves sliding in the dirt, but she also loves rocking dresses and skirts and putting her own little spin on them. In her first look, she has paired her LB Brand “Modern Kids Mantra” tee with a khaki colored Zara tutu skirt, some frilly socks, and Birkenstocks. This tee is SO Madilyn! The Mantra fits her perfectly and is a definite new favorite in her Spring/Summer wardrobe.
Madilyn‘s second look is very laid back and ultra cool girl. She paired her Little Boogaweezin “Modern Kid” tank with some simple blue jean shorts, awesome Stance socks, and cowboy booties from Target. She loves borrowing from Mama’s closet (that’s me), so we grabbed this olive colored kimono from Ascot and Hart out of my closet to complete the look.
Wyatt is a red head! Need I say more? He is also the youngest and the only boy, with a whole bunch of sisters! He is wild and rambunctious and funny and totally full of life! He loves to sing and dance and is truly the main source of entertainment for our family. He is all boy and definitely already has his own sense of style. For Wyatt‘s first look, he chose to wear these amazing vintage plaid pants, from the shop Mick ‘n Marianne, with his “Broken Record” tank and his trusty grey converse. This tank top is very fitting for my little guy…..he says “Mama” more than all of our other 4 children combined! I’m sure many moms can relate.
Wyatt‘s second look consists of naturally destroyed cutoffs, over the top colorful socks by Stance, and his Little Boogaweezin “Modern Kid” tank. This will definitely be his Summer uniform for our typical Georgia heat! He also switched it up a bit and put his “Broken Record” tank on with this look as well. Yep, he’s hard to keep up with, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

The Revamped KIDS Uniform is a monthly style series where kids from around the globe show us what it means to be stylish.


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