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Name: Bri Tejeda
Age: 27
Location: Washington State
# of babes: 3

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How would you best describe your style?

Thats a loaded question! I feel like I enjoy a wide range of styles and don’t think I could box it in. In an ideal world I would be an easy mix of minimalist with hints of eccentricity where its least expected, because thats what I admire most in others.

Fashion icons?

Iris Apfel, hands down.

Brigitte Bardot or Kate Moss?

I’m a Brigette girl, the hair, the face, the body – they slay me. Walking womanhood, that lady is.

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What made you choose the LB piece your currently styling?

I love the black on black for its modern approach to one of your most well worn designs. The lightweight texture of the muscle tank is to die for, and adds a lot of versatility in styling as well.

Top 2 picks from LB’s SS15 collection?

The black on black protector lover mother tank is pretty wonderful, and I’m pretty in love with the think outside of the box Tee in the littles sizes.

A few ways you keep yourself feeling good as a mama?

I get ready nearly every day. I find that I feel best when I put myself together and end up accomplishing quite a bit more as well when I take those extra steps to focus on myself in that way.

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What are some things that inspire you when putting together a days look?

I’m learning the older I get, the more I enjoy an edited look. I’m really attracted to out of the box style – an artistic chic I suppose we could call it – and love stream lined clothing with really unique characteristics elsewhere – like a wonderful loud lip color, or a fun hair cut. I always get fully ready from the neck up, and edit as much as possible from the neck down.

Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to still be stylish?

Motherhood demands certain things of you, but being stylish and functional is very much possible. If getting ready and wearing make up or putting together outfits is something that makes you feel good, then by all means, take time for yourself – you’ll be a better wife, mother, friend, and person because of it.

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Want to check out more of Bri? visit her on Instagram and at

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