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Name: Brooklyn

Location: Arizona

Styling: LB’s Beautiful Heart Tee

I don’t know many five year olds that love fashion or posing in front of a camera as much as Brooklyn does! If I had to put a label on her personal style I would say it’s a little bohemian chic, a little glam, and a little retro. She expresses herself through her fashion choices and we encourage her to do so. She decided to pair her soft and comfy “Beautiful Heart” tee with her favorite new NicoNico mustard colored skirt. She is all about comfort and flow, even when it comes to her hair. She doesn’t care for her hair to be too polished or tight. She especially loves her clothes to be soft to the touch and very free flowing so she extra loves this outfit. She wanted to accessorize and change up her look a few times which is not far off from the everyday. She always is changing her shoes or adding accessories to one outfit multiple times a day. Her wedges are TOMS and her striped oxfords are from Zuzii–These are the epitome of comfort and perfect for this little ballerina to show off some of her moves! She just had to wear her handmade bestie bracelet and one of her favorite bangles too. But especially LOVES her tee because it is so meaningful… “A beautiful heart knows when it finds another beautiful heart.” Brooklyn has a beautiful heart and finds the most wonderful friends and loved ones to fill her life with. Her kindness, sweet disposition, and giving heart are infectious and her sweet tee definitely sums it all up.


IMG_5261 (2)

IMG_5196 (2)

IMG_5215 (2)

IMG_5024 (2)

IMG_5248 (2)

IMG_4931 (2)

The Revamped KIDS Uniform is a monthly style series where kids from around the globe show us what it means to be stylish.


  1. Leigh Hendershot says

    I love Brooklyn to pieces. Her mom has amazing fashion, beauty, and homeschool knowledge!!

  2. shirley Kleppe says

    Very pretty pictures of you sweetie. We are very proud of you….Love you

  3. Sally Patterson says

    What a beautiful little girl! Don’t know if you want to become a model or not but you would make a very pretty one:) Love your style.

  4. Susan osbourn says

    You are so pretty . Good job keep it up . Love that smile 🙂 love you aunt Susan

  5. Mike Rankin says

    She is so beautiful smart and intelligent and wow she is growing so fast.Good job!

  6. Reblogged this on aushriellesjoy and commented:
    Thanks to The LBBrand for sending B such a comfy sweet tee for her to style. She is ecstatic to share with everyone the looks that she put together xo

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