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6-1LOOK #3 || STYLING: LB’S Interlock Protector. Lover. Mother wht/wht muscle tank || My 3rd outfit! I really want to give you guys something totally different every time. My mind is always going a million miles a minute when it comes to these, and then the day comes and I am like “eh, this works” and I always love it so much more than anything I think of in my head. This is my “soccer mom” outfit, although neither of my kids play soccer and I do not think I’ve ever seen a real actual “soccer mom”. So I guess it would be my “I love leggings and wear them every day” outfit. But seriously, there is nothing I love more than being comfortable. Most of my closet is oversized baggy shirts and tanks, leggings and jeggings (because real jeans just are not as comfy), and flats. Lots of flats. It is only fitting to pair this tank with all of my favorites. When I say it works with everything, I totally mean it. I threw on my comfiest leggings, my white high tops, and a plaid shirts, since Utah is not sure whether it wants to be a desert or the Northwest right now, and the boys and I had a great day of shopping. It is an outfit that can easily be changed to fit any mom out there and make her feel super comfy and cute. I love fashion, but being a mom I can not let it consume my life 24/7, so outfits like these save me when we have busy days. The month of May has definitely turned into the busiest month for us and Bentleigh is about to turn 5, so most days I am trying not to cry as I pull myself out of bed and realize we are one day closer lol. But, I never want to look like I am trying too hard to be super cool and trendy, yet I definitely always want to be stylish. The struggle is real people I’m telling ya haha. So, while I am trying to control my emotions I also love to go this route, my happy medium outfit.





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Six Ways is a monthly style challenge where contributors take their favorite piece from the current collection and style it six different ways over the span of the A|W or S|S season.

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