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Name: Angie Lewis
Age: 40
Location: St. Louis, Mo.
# of babes: 2


How would you best describe your style?

Polished Boho. I am a pretty free spirit, and I think that perfection is so boring. I like my looks to have at least one thing that is messed up or a bit wrinkly or unexpected. I would consider myself to be a boho babe on the weekends, but I like classic pieces for work. The classics are always easier to modify into something that is office appropriate, but less drab. Just add red lips, killer heels and giant cocktail rings.

Fashion icons?

Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham, Diane Krueger, Kate Moss, Jenna Lyons.

Brigitte Bardot or Kate Moss?

Kate! She is a constant reminder that 40 year olds can still be foxy (and that it is still age appropriate for me to rock cut offs).


What made you choose the LB piece your currently styling?

I love the message that reads loud and proud: I AM Modern Motherhood. It screams hey world, “I can have rad style, be sexy, and still have babies” so take that!

Top 2 picks from LB’s SS15 collection?

Honesty, the entire collection is rad, and the pieces would make an awesome addition to all Mama’s wardrobes. If I have to pick just two, I love the Modern Motherhood tank (obviously), but I would also pair that crop tee with a pencil skirt or killer cutoffs. So cute.




A few ways you keep yourself feeling good as a mama?

A fresh mani, sweaty workouts, and lots of sex.

What are some things that inspire you when putting together a days look?

Shoes and jewelry and bags…oh my! I believe that accessories make the outfit, and can change an outfit from conservative to sexy and back again. The way you accessorize jeans and a tee sends a very clear message to the world about who you are. I usually start with shoes, and work backwards from there.


Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to still be stylish?

Never forget who you were before you grew that little human. I think that we moms tend to lose ourselves in life: juggling work, kids, bills, husbands. Never forget that the sexy, stylish, smart gal still lives inside of you. Also, don’t let your peers judge you. I have found more often than not, that they are struggling through their own identity crisis. Those are the moms that I give extra attention into winning over.

Want to check out more of Angie? visit her on Instagram

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