The LOVE YOURSELF Experiment
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The LOVE YOURSELF Experiment – Day 3


Before leaving the mountains to return home Saturday we had the opportunity to go on a hike with Jeremy’s family. As we started through the open meadow to begin on the trail I was aware of something I was craving deep inside myself– exploration. I think the actual act of going on a hike pushed this desire to the front of my mind. I realized at that moment just how much I haven’t been feeding certain parts of myself. It’s been a long time.


For me, this lesson was about connection with myself. Don’t get me wrong, I take multiple walks most days and try to be active but I’m talking about that deep connection where you can feel connected to everything around you while you’re just being. I have been missing this part of myself. Be it in the middle of a meadow or a busy city park, I haven’t been honoring this part of me.

I need to.

This is absolutely part of my self love journey.

While we finished up the few mile hike we had to cross back over the water. I didn’t want to take my sneakers and socks off again so I was looking at the alternative which happened to be finding a way by crossing over the rocks. Now this wasn’t exactly the easiest way. If it was then most of the others would have taken it. The rocks were really big and many were angled sharp in the water. I rolled the dice and told myself I could figure it out. I did. And I did it in a way that looked like I had done it 20x before. Connection to myself along with challenging myself were my two lessons on Saturday.

I need more of it, so much more.

Lastly, I choose to love me, all of me.

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