The LOVE YOURSELF Experiment
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The LOVE YOURSELF Experiment – Day 8

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “you’re not doing as bad as you think”

So I completed another 90 minute hot yoga class and noticed a difference in my ability to perform. I only had to take two quick sitting breaks this time, headache was minimal and I even received a compliment from the instructor during class. We were in a pose, I have no idea what the name is, that you lay on your back with one leg flat and the other pulled up. You are to wrap your arm around your leg that is pulled up and pull it down with your arm stregnth so that your knee touches underneath your armpit with your hip pushed flat. Apparently I must have very flexible hips because not only did I do it but I must have knocked it out of the park. Knee completely in my arpit. The instructor immedietly said,

“Oh wow! Our new student Jen has this pose down! Very flexible hips.”

Immediately in my mind I was all like, 

“Oh shit, I just got a shoutout from this yogi lady on my second day of doing this– niiiice!”

Once the 90 minute class ended and I went  to the bathroom to grab my belongings, there were two other women in there as well. Now, I recognized these two chicks from class since they are BOSSES at this yoga thing. I mean, straight up yoga machines. Holding poses while stretched to the max with style, sweat and grace. Basically they are the ones who practice in the front row of the class. If you’ve ever done yoga you know exactly what I mean by that “front row” comment 🙂

While in my locker the one chick, who happen to be positioned in front of me during class, engaged me and said,

“Hey, you did really good for this only being your second time ever.”

The other babe chimed in with the same commment. They both seemed to be slightly impressed I guess, especially since I came back for my second class just one day after my first. The one told me when she started out with this style of yoga she had to wait a week before doing the second.

My point to all this? I’m noticing that we, as in human beings, tend to set these ridiculous standards for our selves sometimes, or better yet, assume we are barely succeeding, when in fact, we’re doing a really good job.

Those nice compliments were my lesson today. Stop measuring and just start doing. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt sometimes and let yourself accept that maybe, just maybe, you’re kicking some ass.

Lastly, I love me, all of me, even the part that gets uncomfortable at times when given a compliment.

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