The LOVE YOURSELF Experiment
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The LOVE YOURSELF Experiment – Day 10

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “i am ready, i am available, please show me how.”

Upon pouring my first cup of coffee today I decided to click on the link in my email from  Jen Sincero’s video coaching series. All I can say is it was exactly what I needed to hear this morning. She shared a personal mantra of hers that has helped her throughout her own personal growth journey.

It struck a chord with me.

This morning on my way to hot yoga I made a decision to recite those three lines during class whenever I remebered.

I did.

It felt good to hear my inner thoughts speak those words while I challenged my body in so many ways. As much as I was molding my physical exterior, I was also molding my interior beliefs.

I am ready.

I am available.

Please show me how.

And lastly, I love me, all of me.

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