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Name: Alexandra
Age: 26
Location: Huntington Beach, Ca
# of babes: 2
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How would you best describe your style? I would best describe my style as comfortable yet trendy? Haha I really don’t feel like I have a particular style. I wear what I feel looks good on me and what makes me feel good about myself. You will often find me in jeans with low boots, high tops, or sandals and a tank or oversized shirt. I love scarves and jewelry! It’s really just what I feel will be convenient for me as a mama. 🙂

Fashion icons? Honestly, I think I turn more towards other mamas in the IG community to inspire my style. I find it to be the most rewarding if I can see certain styles by other moms who are raising kids just like me.
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Brigitte Bardot or Kate Moss? Both are beautiful women who have great style. They’re each unique in their own ways. Just can’t choose one over the other. 😉

What made you choose the LB piece your currently styling? The LB piece that I chose was based on versatility and convenience. As a mother who breast feeds, the muscle tanks are always so easy to wear since it’s quick accessibility for myself and my daughter. The white on white goes with everything and I couldn’t love it more!
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Top 2 picks from LB’s SS15 collection? Oh wow, this is going to be a hard one since I am so incredibly in love with the entire SS15 line! However, if I had to choose two (besides my obvious choice for this RMU), I would go with the a beautiful heart muscle tank and the obvious Jesse bag! But let me just say, I am honestly obsessed with everything— especially the kids line! All the heart eyes!
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A few ways you keep yourself feeling good as a mama? As a mom of two kids, I am always looking for ways to make myself feel better. I have become good friends with a few mamas within the IG community and I am convinced they help me stay sane. Talking with them, sharing the same interests, & knowing I’m not alone seems to help tremendously. Oh, and shopping. Shopping always makes me feel better. Oh! And Disneyland. Disneyland is my second home, my happy place. 🙂
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What are some things that inspire you when putting together a days look? When getting ready for the day, I always go for comfort and convenience first. The clothes I wear have to be comfortable and allow me to chase my little ones around without a hassle. And once again, I’m still a nursing mother so my outfit choices have the reflect that. It’s probably the most important aspect of my days outfit. After that, accessorizing is key! Bracelets, scarves, a long necklace, etc. is what ties my outfit together and makes me feel more stylish.
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Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to still be stylish? Like I mentioned before, accessorize! It honestly helps tremendously. You don’t have to be uncomfortable to look good. I go with comfortable and convenient over anything and you will be better off in the end 🙂

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