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LOOK #2 || STYLING: Protector.Lover.Mother | Womens Black/White Varsity Jacket || SHORTS!!! This is most definitely the last time these gams will see the sun. Winter is coming [there, I made the GOT reference you’ve all been waiting for!] and bare legs just aren’t a thing for nearly half of the year where I come from. [Winnipeg is also lovingly referred to as Winterpeg for obvious and icy cold reasons!]

October can’t ever make up her mind when it comes to the weather and is often filled with many of those in-between-type days. You know the ones where it’s a little warm, but also still a little bit cool. You start burning up from the heat so you take off your jacket and you’re immediately frozen as soon as you do. It’s a damned if you do, damned if ya don’t type of month, I guess! I generally offer up either my arms or my legs as a sacrifice to mother nature’s ever changing mood in October. [Only one — never both!]

This month, I styled LB’s varsity jacket with a pair of black cut offs, a light knit sweater, a pair of brown leather booties and a scarf that screams nothing autumn vibes! The leaves they are a changing, I’m still so in love with this season and my obsession with this varsity jacket is still SO REAL.

I’ll be back next month with my third look! Who’s willing to place bets on whether it will snow up here by then or not? Make sure you come back and find out! xx
6B83BE60-6A28-4287-AE4B-9349C80897AC 8F69998B-AD76-4EA8-A12E-84DD9E6C5F94 9D5C888E-3A24-4457-9897-FE3DF8D70A7F 34E9B117-3D42-440C-9622-F57B6DB5889E 58CBFF8D-EF20-4D7F-B80B-6AF4557AB6D9 69F99FC3-E7A5-45D5-97A5-8B53EE3C8E71 328E5B93-AAE3-43AF-A1EE-7D5B19FF9159 914AE44A-6527-41C7-BA0D-6A441B237358 990FA6B1-82B8-4C0E-93B3-8A5F15C3B1FE 80598DD3-7326-4B23-BB45-A38CB0834EA8 96402F99-86E1-41F4-99B8-FD9CBB65F703 FBA5DBA3-12A0-423B-BE64-6320FBBD0ADC FE8042E5-DE91-4E70-95CE-837764FB3BCB

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Six Ways is a monthly style challenge where contributors take their favorite piece from the current collection and style it six different ways over the span of the A|W or S|S season.


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