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LOOK #2 || STYLING: Girl Gang Womens Black Rocker T || My second outfit of the Six Ways and this is the reality of my life these last two weeks. Makeup…..no. Hair…..no. Sweats……yes please! We are tired. Each and every one of us. I have been living in sweats and tees for the last two weeks while my husband worked 200 hours….and no that is not a typo. The kids are always so good, but when they miss daddy, things can get a little tough. Thankfully, on a day when I have to make an appearance outside of the house, this tee is perfect for comfort and style. I even managed to throw on wedges lol. But seriously, I do not wear this tee with a fabulous outfit all the time, and some times you just need your sweats. We are moms and sometimes it’s hard and that is okay. Life is not all rainbows and kittens and sometimes my eyebrows are not on point haha. I can embrace that and it is something every mom should not be ashamed of!

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