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Name: Christy DeGallerie
Age: 24
Location: New York
# of babes: 1 little chicken nugget named Ava


How would you best describe your style? My style is whatever will make me feel comfortable that day. My outfit goes with my mood. I can dress grunge, to a boho feminine look. I absolutely love wearing men’s clothing, while adding a feminine touch to the mix.

Fashion icons? Zoe Kravitz, seriously that girl gives me life. Nicole Richie, Raven Symone, Kanye West, and Grace Jones.


Debbie Harry or Nicole Richie? Nicole for sure, she can do no wrong, from her effortlessly boho chic look, to how she can where a midi skirt and a crop top with heels! She proves time and again, that moms can be sexy.

What made you choose the LB piece you’re currently styling? Its more than just a tee that I’m wearing, these words define who I am. I want everyone to know it! Such a simple but bold tee. Also, black is my favorite color. All black everything, especially for fall and winter!


Top 2 picks from LB’s AW15 collection?  The I am Modern Motherhood Specs, I will wear them even when its cloudy, they are the perfect size too cover my mom bags under my eyes. Hahaha! Obviously, I am in love with the classic Protector.Lover.Mother tee. Its my go-to shirt, its perfect to wear all year round’!



A few ways you keep yourself feeling good as a mama? Mascara. I can’t leave the house without my eyelashes covered in dramatic black goop! I feel alive and ready for the day after I apply mascara!


What are some things that inspire you when putting together a days look? Social Media! If I’m stuck on what to wear, then I go on Instagram and look at a few of my favorite fashion accounts. Once I’ve chosen an inspiring look that resembles my style, I go through my closet to see what I can put together from the photo I’ve admired and try to copy it. Sounds crazy but it’s so fun!


Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to still be stylish?  Being a mama is so important but it’s also important to take care of yourself, it’s important to feel good while changing diapers and dealing with tantrums , so that may just be putting on some lipstick and throwing on a few of your staple jewelry  that can make a tee shirt, sweats and a pair of kicks look so stylish.

Want to check out more of Christy? Visit her on Instagram 

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