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LOOK #2 || STYLING: Interlock Protector.Lover.Mother White Vneck T-shirt || First I just want to say a huge thanks for all support and kind words on our first Six Ways, we love this LB fam bam and we really feel like a part of a gorgeous global girl gang! 🙂 For our 2nd Six Ways Style Challenge I decided to go for a true Swedish location, the deep woods, and mix it up with a contemporary look for me (and of course for my sidekick Em as well! 😉 I especially like the opposites such as veil vs fir needles, fur vs moss, and for me these are both opposites but also their BFFs 🙂 The monochrome color scheme with black, white and grey, that I tend to use most of the time is something that I always go back to and this time a chose to do some autumn layering with my black rib dress, the PLM v-neck, and then my faux raccoon fur on top of it. A fedora hat as statement piece put some fun to the styling. For Em’s styling I followed up my raccoon theme in her outfit with the sweater, socks and her stuffed animal. The # leggings are just the finishing touch and perfect for our Instakids 😉 In fine, these photos of us two in the woods among the pinewood trunks makes me feel like the perfect Protector, as in the PLM, protecting her from the big bad woods (and doing it perfectly in style as well 😉 !) and I still think that this PLM v-neck has endless styling ways! See you guys next month, I can’t wait!

LB oct 1 LB oct 2 LB oct 3 LB oct 4 LB oct 5 LB oct 6 LB oct 8 LB oct 9

Photography by Joakim Wigeteg Mandelholm

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Six Ways is a monthly style challenge where contributors take their favorite piece from the current collection and style it six different ways over the span of the AW or SS season.

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