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LOOK #3 || STYLING: Interlock Protector.Lover.Mother. Dark Gray Vneck tee|The last few months have been exciting & unpleasant all at the same time! So happy to share that baby #2 is due in May but that means a lot of bad days during my first trimester. Today I woke up actually feeling like a normal person so I decided to get myself ready (yea right!) – too bad the hubby woke up with a severe migraine and I had a toddler attached to my hip the whole morning. Isn’t that always the case for us moms? Great intentions for ourselves and then life throws us a curveball. I am extremely thankful for red lipstick and a rubber band to whip the hair up as you are running out the door!

We went to an awesome little spot this month surrounded by old estate homes and tree lined paths- there couldn’t have been a more relaxing spot for the day. I decided to wear my PLM shirt this month with a pair of old levis i dug out of the closet (thankfully they fit my growing belly because I was a bit fearful I would be pantless at this point)! I also threw on a super fun Free People shirt dress that just made my everyday outfit a bit more playful. As much as I love a monochromatic outfit there are days where I just need some color.

Can’t wait to keep styling this shirt as the Indiana months get a bit more frigid!

DSC03639 DSC03650 DSC03687 DSC03712 DSC03725 DSC03735 IMG_6866

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Six Ways is a monthly style challenge where contributors take their favorite piece from the current collection and style it six different ways over the span of the A|W or S|S season.

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