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Name: Roylene Vargas
Age: 26
Location: San Diego, CA
# of babes: 1 child
How would you best describe your style? I would have to say an edgy comfortable tomboy lol. I love fashion, dresses and skirts but I also love feeling confident and comfortable in what I am wearing. I tend to gravitate towards a loose or v-neck shirt with high waisted denim, a leather jacket and a cute pair of stiletto flats, that is just my everyday attire.


Fashion Icons: I love Olivia Palermo and Jessica Alba. I feel like I pull and take from both and get ideas from each outfit they wear, I just stay away from the girly side of their inspirations.


Debbie Harry or Nicole Richie? Nicole Richie for sure

What made you choose the piece you’re currently styling? Versatility? Black is always in, I can wear this with a cute pair of jeans and heels or easily harem pants and some Nike blazers, ya know? 

Top 2 picks from LBs AW15 Collection? The modern kid and Interlock protector.lover.mother teeIMG_1766
A few ways you keep yourself feeling good as a mama? Dressing up, any excuse to put on some make-up and heels I am all for it! and a good mani-pedi. I’m really simple.

What are some things that inspire you when putting together a days look? I would have to say our plan for the day. I usually stay with the same color scheme black/neutral. But if I am taking Drez to soccer or baseball, I’m definitely throwing on my Nikes and boyfriend shorts. I would also have to say my mood that morning always inspires my day. IMG_1769
Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to still be stylish? I would have to say, wear your clothes with confidence. I used to be a Visual Merchandising manager for Forever 21, and when I would style some of my regulars I always told them to wear their outfit with confidence. You could literally have on a trash bag, but if you exude confidence whatever room you walk into there will be a woman who wants to buy that trash bag you’re wearing. I feel like pretty much anything you put together can be stylish. Color coordinating, or mixing prints, and being comfortable in your own skin. You will always look like a Rockstar!

Want to check out more of Roylene? Visit her on Instagram 


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