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MODERN FATHER | John Huderle

Name: John Huderle
Age: 25
Location: Seattle
Occupation: Agriculture
Rug Rats: Jackson Hawk (1.5 years)


TOP 3 FAVORITE THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR KID(S): 1) Playing at the park 2) Wresting/tickle time 3) Swimming together

DSC_0546HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: Athletic; I live in my gym clothes half of the time. For a night out, I tend to learn towards a classic preppy look.

DSC_0538PERSONAL THOUGHTS ON WHAT MODERN FATHERHOOD MEANS TO YOU: Being a modern father to me is being active with my little guy. Having a healthy lifestyle and showing him how much care and love I have for him.

DSC_054511WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WANT YOUR KID(S) TO KNOW: I want my kids to first and foremost have a relationship with the Lord and know that he is the center of our lives. Being respectful to people, hard working, and thankful are also on the top of the list.

DSC_0535HOW HAS BECOMING A FATHER CHANGED YOU: I never knew I could love someone this way. He transformed me. I feel more responsibility than I ever have before.

WHO HAS BEEN YOUR ROLE MODEL IN YOUR LIFE: My dad has always been my greatest role model. He works harder than anyone I know, and has always sacrificed so much for our family growing up.

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