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Name: Jude
2 1/2 
Modern Kid Love Gang | Black

My son Jude is truly a gentle soul. Because of that I often struggle in finding clothing that fits with his spirit; isles of tops with “Dad’s Tough Guy” splashed over the chest just doesn’t suit him. I know he’s two, so what’s on his shirt doesn’t particularly matter to him at this point in time, but I feel obligated to allow him the ability to be perceived for who he is (rather than what society says a boy should be). That being said, I felt it was only fitting when The LB Brand sent over their Modern Kid Love Gang tee for him to model (and even Jude seemed particularly smitten with it, since his favorite shape is a heart). I paired said new tee with a pair of rolled up H&M suspender jeans, his favorite beanie, Old Navy sandals, and the coolest specs to match his sweet vibes. That evening we took a stroll to one of our favorite pizzeria’s for dinner, where he sniffed every flower along the way, and smiled warmly at strangers passing by. Truly a boy after my own heart! Spreading love and good vibes is what my little one is all about, so naturally when LB contacted me to have Jude participate in their Modern Kid Revamped Uniform series, I knew it was a perfect fit. I am so glad to not only have gotten the chance to collaborate with them, but also knowing that there are brands such as Little Boogaweezin who get kids such as my own, and give them the freedom to express their big imaginations and hearts.

IMG_2945_edited-2 IMG_3015 (2) IMG_3018 (2) IMG_3018 IMG_3022 IMG_3043 (2) IMG_3063 IMG_3075 IMG_3091

The Revamped KIDS Uniform is a style series where kids from around the globe show us what it means to be stylish.

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