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MODERN FATHER | Colin Germer

Name: Colin Germer
Age: 36
Residing: Tempe, AZ
Occupation: Special Projects Coordinator
Significant Other : Engaged to Kate
Children: Georgia Summit



TOP 3 FAVORITE THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR KID(S): She’s still pretty young so we do a lot of dancing, walking, and rolling around on the floor


HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: Very simple and comfortable. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes


PERSONAL THOUGHTS ON WHAT MODERN FATHERHOOD MEANS TO YOU: Modern fatherhood, to me, means mixing everything I learned from my parents with a healthy dose of paranoia. Our world is rapidly evolving and some of that is scary. I want our daughter to do all the things I did as a child…cook, draw, play outside, get dirty. But I know I need to keep her safe and teach her how to keep herself safe. I don’t want her to be fearful, but I want her to be aware


WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WANT YOUR KID(S) TO KNOW: That no matter what I will always love her

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HOW HAS BECOMING A FATHER CHANGED YOU: It has slowed down my life a lot and made me grow up. I used to live a lot more in the moment and not think about the future, now I try to maintain a healthy mixture of both. And of course I have learned a lot about patience, sacrifice, and how deeply love can really hit you


WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR ROLE MODEL IN YOUR LIFE: I don’t really have a role model, just a mish-mash of people I’ve met and things I have experienced over the years

CONNECT with Colin on Instagram here


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