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Name: Kayla Furtado
Age: 24
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
# of babes: 2 Vyla-Marie(3) and Kalawai’anui (1)
How would you best describe your style? Simple and comfortable. Having two little babes keeps me on my toes so I have to be able to do just about anything in a moments notice but still look fashionable.
Fashion icons? I’ve always loved Gwen Stefanie. Her unique blend of vintage and modern chic along with her kick-ass attitude is everything.
Debbie Harry or Nicole Richie? Nicole Richie! ‘House of Harlow’ is ahhmazing. I also recently binge watched “Candidly Nicole” and I absolutely love her bold style to match her bold personality. Can we be friends?!
What made you choose the LB piece your currently styling? I’ve had my eye on this shirt for some time. Protector.Lover.Mother spoke to me instantly. I love the comfort of a loose fit V-neck and how easy it makes it for a breastfeeding mama who’s still trying to look fabulous. What’s not to love?!
Top 2 pick from LB’s AW2015 collection? I love the I Am Modern Motherhood Specs and I mean, have you seen the Varsity Jacket?! Dying.
A few ways to keep yourself feeling good as a Mama? I love playing with make-up. Although I’m no make-up artist it’s sort of my time to myself and always makes me feel extra fierce.
What are a few things that inspire you when you’re putting together a days look? 
I’m always inspired by using clothing I already have in different ways wether it’s using a skirt as a tube-top or mixing and matching pieces into a whole new wardrobe. Something new every time.
Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to be stylish? Make it easy for yourself. A little goes a long way, you can throw on a simple outfit, dress it up with some fun accessories throw on a some lipstick and work it! The secret is to just have fun with it.
Want to check out more of Kayla? Visit her on Instagram

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