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SPOTLIGHT on Melinda Alexander of MuMu Mansion

Name: Melinda
Location: California
Styling: Protector.Lover.Mother Varsity Jacket + I Am Modern Motherhood Specs

MuMu Mansion is a place for women. To explore themselves, to heal, to commune, to be honest, to cry, to drink whisky, and tea, and burn sage and do Tarot and try on outfits, and take selfies, and share secrets, and support each other, and rebuild our sense of selves. It’s an actual place, but it’s kind of taken on a virtual life of its own as well. I’d like to think my social media presence is a true reflection of me and the work I do with women in “real life”.

I’ve lived a long life – seen a lot of things, loved a lot of people, lived a lot of places and I think some part of my story speaks to different women in different ways. Maybe it’s the way I’ve learned to love my body – from dieting my whole life, to becoming a plus size model, to quitting modeling because it still focuses too much on perfection and patriarchal standards of beauty.

Maybe it’s the single mother in me – who loved really hard but lost even harder – saw our whole world crumble and have spent a lot of energy figuring out how to put it back together. All the ways I’ve learned to heal my own wounds, physical and mental – how to build a new career from scratch with a whiny toddler on my hip and a big ass hole in my heart. I took a long hiatus from social media after the divorce, but when I felt ready I started to put myself out there and share my journey back to happiness, to freedom, to spirituality, to self discovery and expression. And apparently it resonated with a few people 🙂

Maybe it’s the way I love women, fearlessly and ferociously – the way I hope to model lifting each other up, fighting our basic rights, redefining how women and even feminism are viewed. The way my workshops bring women who are often isolated together in a very basic way to just hold physical space for each other, to see others, to allow ourselves to been seen – and heard.

Maybe it’s the style – a reminder that you don’t have to be thin, or cookie cutter, or rich — to get up every day and have some fun with your look, to walk outside in the world feeling confident that your outside is a reflection of what feels good and right inside. I work with women to explore how they see themselves – not just a wives, mothers, employees, bodies – but as rebellious spirits, artists, free thinkers. Our style does not have to be defined by the confines of our lives.

Maybe it’s the mindfulness – the way I try to practice lovingkindness – to other women, to myself, to my son, to my community. There are a million books, but not enough examples of what it really looks like to combat the stress of motherhood by focusing on the present, to combat depression with gratefulness, to combat fear with love. I’m just out here trying to figure out and sharing my discoveries as I do.

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Want to check out more of Melinda? Visit her Instagram and Website!  

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