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Name: Noah
Age: 8
Location: California
Styling: LB’s Modern Kid Love Gang | Black Kids Tee

Noah is pretty chill when it comes to style, he’s usually is in a tee and some type of skinny jeans. Summer, it’s all about short hair, shorts and cool socks. In the winter he is all about layering.. he says long sleeve shirts make him too hot! So it’s safe to say he has a large collection of flannels.
As his hair grows longer in the winter, he throws on a hat almost daily. Such a little dude!  When this LB shirt came in, he was pretty happy to wear it. The letters that read “game changer” and “friend maker” — too perfect.
Noah is a friend to the friendless, and a true game changer. Today’s MODERN KID. We decided to style this RAD tee with his favorite flannel and some RSQ skinnies from filly’s. His all time favorite shoes are converse.. but lately Mama’s got him on a Vans kick! 🙂
You might be asking yourself, A…what is that box with tubing hanging on his pocket? B…. what is that on his arm? A. It’s an insulin pump/ or Noah’s pancreas. B. A constant glucose monitor, it checks his blood sugars every five minutes & displays it on his pump.
 January 24, 2015 Noah, was diagnosed with a incurable auto immune condition called type one diabetes. ((Mama’s learn the warning signs, {{VIP}} the cause is unknown & it’s not the diabetes your grandma has.)) Even though he has to count every carb he puts in his body, balance his blood sugars to keep from passing out, and deal with the pain of constant pokes he living beyond that and doesn’t let it hold him back. He’s proud and wear his pump with pride, teaching and educating others about T1D. I am so proud. My true warrior.
Baby bro Sage jumped in a few shots wearing his new LB tee. It’s so perfect for him!
Hopefully you’ll see more of Sage in the future, he sure loves to skateboard and snowboard just like his brother. Until next time, NOAH! #noahmattfern
LMBF_-4 LMBF_-7-3 LMBF_-10 LMBF_-11-2 LMBF_-14-4 LMBF_-18-2 LMBF_-23 LMBF_-24-2 LMBF_-25-2 LMBF_-26-2 LMBF_-27 LMBF_-29-3 LMBF_-30-2
The Revamped KIDS Uniform is a style series where kids from around the globe show us what it means to be stylish.

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