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MODERN FATHER | Kirby Nketiah

Name: Kirby Nketiah
Age: 35
Location: Yonkers by way of The Bronx
Occupation: Surface Line Manager for the New York City Transit Authority
Children: Liam



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TOP 3 FAVORITE THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR KID(S): 1.) Play wrestle all through the house! 2.) Anything involving a park or outdoor activity 3.) Drive Mommy crazy!

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HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: Street yet Sophisticated. Classy with a hip hop edge.


PERSONAL THOUGHTS ON WHAT MODERN FATHERHOOD MEANS TO YOU: I would say introducing a different ideology to my son. Not knocking religion (I believe in a higher power), but I would like him to keep an open mind and be a free thinker. There is so much division in this world (religion, race, class) I want my son to respect all and treat others the way he would want to be treated, for the energy you give to the universe is the energy you get back. I still appreciate some of the old school principals… but I like the new generation of parents…I think we are more “Hip” than our parents.


WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WANT YOUR KID(S) TO KNOW: He is beyond loved by his parents.


HOW HAS BECOMING A FATHER CHANGED YOU: Life is so different when you are no longer living just for yourself. I would say I’m more cautious with my decisions and actions. My actions and decisions determine Liam’s future.


WHO HAS BEEN YOUR ROLE MODEL IN YOUR LIFE: My aunt and uncle! They were the 1st college graduates in my family. They are both very successful in their careers. They showed me so much and kept me motivated. Our neighborhood in the wakefield section of the Bronx was not the best environment…. but we made it out!

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  1. Brandy Harris says

    This is a outstanding and different way to go about doing things and showing your son how much he is appreciated

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