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Name: Denise
Age: 33
Location: Southern California
# of babes: 2 // Mommy’s girl, Daslynn + Daddy’s boy, Roz who is reppin The LB Brand Revamped Kids series


How would you best describe your style? Versatile. I really don’t have a specific style. I’m always switching up my looks. I have different wardrobe pieces that I mix and match into different outfits depending on my mood and inspiration that day. I don’t really like to restrict myself to a conformed style. Fashion is meant to be different, to be fun, to speak for you, to inspire, and to be inspired.


Fashion icons? Behati Prinsloo and Megan Fox. Simply because I dig their everyday edgy street style and can flip the switch rocking those flaunting dresses. Goals!

 Debbie Harry or Nicole Richie? Nicole Richie for embracing motherhood, being a wife, and entrepreneur.


What made you choose the LB piece your currently styling? I chose this piece because I am in love with this signature PLM phrase and I totally dig the comfy loose v-neck style that can be layered and paired with almost everything. It can be styled for beach hangs, a night out, or for an everyday look. It truly is a versatile piece that I am all for.


Top 2 picks from LB’s SS15 collection? PLM Varsity jacket and any of the PLM tops. The Protector. Lover. Mother speaks to me so much. It has always been a favorite since I discovered The LB Brand.


A few ways you keep yourself feeling good as a mama? Being a mama is being everything to your kids and so, I try to look at all aspects of myself and my life to feel good. Mentally: Listen to music. Be inspired. And inspire. Emotionally: Have date nights. Keep in touch with friends. Physically: Dress comfortably with style. Exercise. Drink water. Eat well.


What are some things that inspire you when putting together a days look? Others outfit style photos that have stuck with me. Where or what we are doing that day. And just how I feel that day all inspire my days look. Whether it be a slow starting day where I’m feeling lazy or walking with more of a bounce in my step, feeling sassy all tend to play a role in dressing down or dressing it up for the day.


Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to still be stylish? Mother yourself. Remember to not give up on your own sense of personal identity. Carry yourself well in how you dress whether it is casual or not, just rock it, and it will show your kids that you got this motherhood thing down pat. Accessorize. Nice hats and head bands hide those bad hair days and keep it out your face while running around with those babes. A pair of sunglasses hides those tired eyes. Jewelry always makes me feel a bit more dressed up even though I’m bumming it.


Want to check out more of Denise? Visit her on Instagram

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