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Name: Oliver
Age: 2
Location: Arizona
Styling: Modern Kid Love Gang | Black Kids Tshirt

Oliver is our wild miracle son with a heart of gold. He truly is the sun in our lives, bringing us optimism and warmth at our deepest times of need. He is intelligent, rambunctious, sweet, passionate, vibrant and loving; truly a living juxtaposition as he pulls energy from opposite ends of every spectrum in the smoothest transition of everyday living. We found out we were pregnant with Oliver towards the end of the first trimester, after being told it would be impossible to conceive naturally, and ever since then, he has brought this undeniable bright light into our lives. He is a magnet to us and others, alike. He has a unique personality that attracts everyone around him and leaves us in awe of who he is. Yet, we also keep it real with our wild one! We are strict parents who are big on manners and responsibility because we want him to grow up knowing he is loved, teach him how to spread love, create his love want, while being grounded and humble. This LB tee is everything that Oliver encompasses; a modern kid, a game changer, a friend maker. LB has been an active & loving part of our lives since Oliver was born; from infancy to crazy toddlerhood (that really feels like pre-teen times) and there is a definite soaring pride we feel every time we represent its global love. xx

LB_OliverDCruz-1 LB_OliverDCruz-2

LB_OliverDCruz-3 LB_OliverDCruz-4 LB_OliverDCruz-5 LB_OliverDCruz-6 LB_OliverDCruz-7 LB_OliverDCruz-8 LB_OliverDCruz-9 LB_OliverDCruz-10 LB_OliverDCruz-11 LB_OliverDCruz-12 LB_OliverDCruz-13 LB_OliverDCruz-14


The Revamped KIDS Uniform is a style series where kids from around the globe show us what it means to be stylish.

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