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Name: Vyla Marie Age: 3 Location: Arizona Styling: LB’s ModernKid | White Kids T-shirt Vyla–Marie, my three year old fiery little free-spirited love child. She has definitely developed her own sense of style and is very adamant about what she’ll be wearing for the day. We absolutely love LB’s “Modern Kid” t-shirt and how easy it is to incorporate into any outfit. Today Vyla–Marie is wearing her favorite distressed denim cut-offs, LB’s “Modern Kid” tee, a faux fur vest for a little extra sass (as if she needed any more), her favorite Minnetonka moccs, and a flower crown because she truly believes that it will attract all butterflies. She said she’s feeling fabulous today, haha –gotta love this little fashionista-diva. The Revamped KIDS Uniform is a style series where kids from around the globe show us what it means to be stylish.


Name: Oliver Age: 2 Location: Arizona Styling: Modern Kid Love Gang | Black Kids Tshirt Oliver is our wild miracle son with a heart of gold. He truly is the sun in our lives, bringing us optimism and warmth at our deepest times of need. He is intelligent, rambunctious, sweet, passionate, vibrant and loving; truly a living juxtaposition as he pulls energy from opposite ends of every spectrum in the smoothest transition of everyday living. We found out we were pregnant with Oliver towards the end of the first trimester, after being told it would be impossible to conceive naturally, and ever since then, he has brought this undeniable bright light into our lives. He is a magnet to us and others, alike. He has a unique personality that attracts everyone around him and leaves us in awe of who he is. Yet, we also keep it real with our wild one! We are strict parents who are big on manners and responsibility because we want him to grow up knowing he is loved, teach …

THE REVAMPED KIDS UNIFORM | Jinhee Paola + Tyler Dwan

Names: Jinhee Paola + Tyler Dwan Location: Texas Styling: Dear Big Me | White Kids Tee + Mo Mommy No Problem | White Kids Tee These siblings love adventures, attention, to be outside and to have fun! Talking about our clothes, they love to try on different looks and to walk the “cat walk” to see if we like the look for going out. They pose this way, that way, check themselves in the mirror… Then they ask Dad what he thinks. We love to mix styles, we play and “wing it” with what is clean at the moment, what is handy, or what hasn’t been worn in a while. So we are into versatile pieces that can go with many looks and even seasons (hey! We are in Texas…some pieces can be worn all year round..) We love our LB tees.. they are super soft, and even though they are white, they stay white! We had a freak out moment when we had a situation with BBQ sauce, but no! It all disappeared and the tees still look new! …


Name: Ryder Blayze Age: 3 Location: Oklahoma Styling: LB’s Milk Drunk | Black Baby & Kids Tee Ryder Blayze is a crazy & daring little dude. He’s not afraid to touch, jump or say anything. Yikes, Its a little scary for mama sometimes. His all time favorite song is “Happy”. He also loves reggae, like his mama. He grooves every time a Bob Marley song comes on! When it comes to his style, he likes to pick out his SHOES every.single.time. He is very particular, if it’s raining he had to wear rain boots, if it’s snowing then we need boots. He also likes to pick his own hats (if he’s in the mood). He’s such a BOY, makes sure to point out if something “is for girls not boys”, even does it with his toys. Such a fierce little guy and difficult to handle at times (just like any toddler). But we love him and couldn’t live without him!


Name: Hudson Age: 2 Location: California Styling: LBs Modern Kid | Black Kids Tee Hudson is feisty and passionate and the sweetest 2 year old! He is all about exploring and adventure, EVERYWHERE we go. He’s so talkative and active, and just has a whole lot of joy bursting out of his little body. We’re always up to something in this city of ours so his clothes are always pretty basic and straightforward. Stylish pieces like this Modern Kid shirt paired with an on trend comfy jacket are his everyday look; and you’ll rarely find him in anything but those converse. The Revamped KIDS Uniform is a style series where kids from around the globe show us what it means to be stylish.


Name: Noah Age: 8 Location: California Styling: LB’s Modern Kid Love Gang | Black Kids Tee Noah is pretty chill when it comes to style, he’s usually is in a tee and some type of skinny jeans. Summer, it’s all about short hair, shorts and cool socks. In the winter he is all about layering.. he says long sleeve shirts make him too hot! So it’s safe to say he has a large collection of flannels. As his hair grows longer in the winter, he throws on a hat almost daily. Such a little dude!  When this LB shirt came in, he was pretty happy to wear it. The letters that read “game changer” and “friend maker” — too perfect. Noah is a friend to the friendless, and a true game changer. Today’s MODERN KID. We decided to style this RAD tee with his favorite flannel and some RSQ skinnies from filly’s. His all time favorite shoes are converse.. but lately Mama’s got him on a Vans kick! 🙂 You might be asking yourself, A…what is that box …


Name: Andrez, but we call him Drez or Drezzy Age: 7 Location: California Styling: LB’s Modern Kid | Black Kids T-shirt  Drezzy is super simple just like his mama. He LOVES jeans, he doesn’t care if it is 100 degrees outside, he still rocks his skinnies, when he finds out he is wearing shorts for the day, he has a “meltdown”. Did I mention he is really into long socks? We all think he is obsessed, he currently has about 13 pairs, all consisting of different colors and patterns. His favorite shoes are converse, but I love to see High top Nikes on him, Mamas little fetish and he definitely compromises with me! The Modern Kid tee is just everything! I paired it with his favorite skinnies and black boots, so simple, but yet so stylish, Drezzy loved the letters on the tee, he has already chose to wear it to school about 4 days now! The Revamped KIDS Uniform is a style series where kids from around the globe show us what it means to be stylish.